Thursday, December 9, 2010

UPDATES! Dear Bloggers,

Hello Friends, Readers. Fans, Co-Stars,

     Its me again ANNIE, I am here again to share with you what i have discovered lately, slowly i have noticed and came across with my husband NICK NICHOLSON, different sites and forum, that his also an avid member, i was surprised in my own little way that i know his user name and password he have used. its like that their is someone whispering to my ear, to go to sites that his been into, and today i went to the site where he also enjoyed exchanging ideas, comments to his fellow friends, i have left a message in that site before, for them to know that Nick passed away, and today i have opened it and saw their comments, message, Will share them it all to you....... I also wanna thank them too from the bottom of my heart in behalf of my husband Nick, to them his EXPAT to their sites and forum.......


Juicy Fruit, McMurphy.

 I am sorry to hear of your loss Annie.

Expat was indeed a friend to many of us on this online community.

Many of us were aware that he suffered from heart disease for some time, we just did not know how far it had progressed.

It is nice to know that he had someone very loving in his life and by his side.

Thank you for letting us all know rather than thinking he just stopped visiting us.

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