Monday, December 6, 2010


To all our friends, and readers,

     I felt so sad this coming Christmas without my husband Nick Nicholson, it would be BLUE CHRISTMAS WITHOUT HIM, Being with him last Christmas is the most happiest time of my life, our lives, his been so good to all of us, his been a good husband, step dad, a great grand father, a good provider to me. His been my best friend, my mentor,  my lover, my husband and most of all my soul mate, What will be my life now without him by my side, I am  still trying to pick up the pieces, I know i need to go on with my life, but its not that easy to do, but time will come i know i can move on, and fall in love again, but at this point of time, i am still struggling to what is happening, It will take years for me before i can start with the new chapter in my life, I know i have to move on, but only time can tell, With the help of real and true friends, who are still there for me, giving me their LOVE AND MORAL SUPPORT, i can say i am very lucky...Having real and true friends, are treasured to keep......Here are some picture of us during Christmas and New Year we spent with NICK. You can see the smile on his face how happy and contented he was with us, he called his real genuine family, though were not his legal family to what most people have called it, I cam say Nick have treated us more than his real family, he was saying what the HECK what we spent and have for 4 years is more than were married, sometimes he got mad at me when i told him i am not his legal wife, he will just replied, who CARES ! for him, i am his wife, more than his legal wife, it is because i didn't left him, and have took good care of him even though we don't have more than enough, Nick have been into so many bad relationships, most women his been into got his money and have cheated him....then leave him, with nothing in his pocket. He committed suicide twice because of what happen to him. He was so thankful he have found me, GOD have his ways, we found each other, Though it was just a short years we lived together, but i can say its the most precious and treasured years of our lives. Hope you gonna enjoy looking at our pictures......

     This is my opportunity to thanks all Nick's real and true friends who have help us, during our sad moments, specially when my husband was very sick that time, they were always there to lend a helping us, for his medicines and some stuffs that he needs. THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES, GOD BLESS YOU ALL, HAVE A PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS AND BOUNTIFUL NEW YEAR TO ALL..PEACE

Warmest regards,

Anne& Nick

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