Monday, September 6, 2010



       At last i have fulfilled my husband NICK NICHOLSON last wished of scattering his ashes at SUBIC BAY SHORE, and of course it will not be a successful Solemn Ceremony without the help of his friends Don Gordon Bell who did his best to came over from Korea just to join me in this special occasion , with Henry Strazlkowski,, and his friend Ed and wife Lucy who own the boat we used to cruise the bay, Tim and his wife also join us to pay their last respect to my husband, we address him a little prayer, and last words. I want to thank all his friends, co-stars, colleagues who send their sympathy and their willingness to join our ceremony, though i wanted you all to come and join me, but we cannot accommodate all, and i am just following his instruction and his wished what , and who will join me to do  the ceremony, Again from the bottom of our heart, my family, and in behalf of my husband Nick, i am sending to you all, my deepest and warm THANK YOU..... God bless to you all, more power......peace
            Love you all guys, where ever he is now, i am very sure that he is overwhelmed and very happy, that i did my best, and his friends to make his last wished to come true..... RIP. Daniel Patrick (NICK) Nicholson. we will all be missing you baby.....I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND MISSING YOU EVERY MINUTE......

Warmest regards,

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