Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My husband Daniel Patrick ( Nick ) Nicholson, sharing you all the picture i took from the hospital, trying to hang on for me and our love, till his last breath he was trying to fight, but its the end of his rope, the words he was saying to some friends he have talked and chat before when he was still alive, he felt that  the end of his road will come to an end, the feeling that he can't take it this coming Christmas day.

       He want to still live, but his heart condition can't no longer take the pain. he died peacefully in my arms with my son Jonathan beside me, who was still can't accept that he died, trying to wake him up, to go home.. but we both know he died in peace, with the smile in his face, the smile that i will missed everyday in my life......love you very much baby ko, you've been a great husband and father to my son, to all of us. best brother and friend, to all your best friends, avid fans, readers, of your blog, they will missed your thoughts, the way and your strategy in writing, REST IN PEACE MY LOVE


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