Wednesday, August 11, 2010


To all readers and friends,

    I am really in need of financial assistance to pay for his hospital bills that we consumed when he was admitted till his death. I am so depressed and very down, Frankly speaking were really run out of fund to pay for all of this, when he started having health problem recently, all our savings went to his medicines, hospital bills and all medical matters, Maybe if his still here and strong like he used to be, we won't be asking any help and so as my self.

    In our life we can really tell what is going to happen, Nick and myself hold on to each other, getting our strength to one another, but now his gone. how can i start the new chapter in my life..... Who will  make me laugh, when i am down, who will say i am beautiful, though i know i am not,His my strength , my hope, my life..... My Baby please make me strong to cope being alone....Love you so dearly Nick Nicholson, The actor in my life......I know you will always be here by my side to guide me....

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