Monday, August 2, 2010

Dick Israel suffers stroke

Fundraising event held for Dick Israel

Posted at 07/28/2010 1:41 PM | Updated as of 07/28/2010 1:49 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrities held a fundraising event for veteran actor Dick Israel, who suffered a stroke last month that left half of his body paralyzed and affected his speech.
The event, held Monday night at Merk’s Bar, was attended by Israel’s close friends from the entertainment industry including Richard Merk, Phillip Salvador, Tirso Cruz III, Boots Anson Roa, Bobot Mortiz and Karylle.
Mowelfund and other organizations from the industry also provided support.
The money raised during the event would be used for Israel’s rehabilitation.
The family of Israel said they were grateful to celebrities who attended and supported it.
In his previous interview, Israel recounted that he was still able to shoot one scene for television series "Magkano ang Iyong Dangal" before his stroke. He said the taping was done in the afternoon.
"Record heat noong araw na yon, Sobrang init talaga. Pati ang pantalon ko ay umiinit na sa sobrang init... nakauwi pa ako at nakatulog pa ako," he said.
He said he suddenly woke up gasping for air and when he stood up, he fainted and was rushed to a hospital.

Well as you can see, he is recovering and has the support of the major TV Networks, not too mention MOWELFUND ans a host of other organizations.

I had a  handful of friends and could not afford a stay in the hospital. I am still sour grapes with my so called "Friends" here in the Philippines. When I had my colon taken out back in 2007, I needed blood. O-neg to be exact. My kumpare was working with expats who were the best bet to have that type of blood. I asked him if he could ask around, but he couldn't be bothered. Lucky for me my surgeon Dante Mercado was good, and I didn't need the blood.

A couple months later, I sent a message to this guy, and again he was too busy s he was arranging fund raising events for some bass layer who was in the hospital. Imagine how I felt?

This time around, not one of my co workers even called or sent an email to see how I was doing. Well fine, each and every one of you can kiss my ass!

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