Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Triple Whammy

Well here it is from the horses mouth so to speak. I can't hold a normal conversation yet and am sucking oxygen like there is no tomorrow, but I can write. There have been many offers of help and I would like to thank all two of them who actually sent help, Namely Steve Rogers and Jesus Manuel. Thanks to the both of you!!!

Well, everything started the week before last. What I first thought was hemorrhoids turned out to be a nasty anal abscess or simply put a huge fucking boil, the size of a hotdog bun. For you pinoys out there a pigsang dapa. We were going to go see my surgeon Dante Mercado at UST who took out my colon. But when we called, he was in Subic attending some functions. Annie decided to take me to Dr. Martin Martinez who is in the neighborhood. I liked Martin right away as their family was also into film production and were close to the late Cirio Santiago.

Martin wanted me to go to a lab and have a blood test done, to see if he would need to use Vitamin K as I take blood thinners for my heart and he didn't want me bleeding out on his table. I told him I wasn't religious about taking the blood thinners, nonetheless, he still wanted the test. So on Tuesday, over to the lab we went. When I was getting in the Tricycle, it felt like my asshole had been ripped open on a nail.I felt every bump in the road going over and coming home. By the time I got home I already had a minor heart attack due to the stress and pain. I felt also, that I had done a 20k run and was gasping for breath. Meanwhile Annie went and got the Lab results and took them over to Martin.He said everything looked good and would do the surgery the next day at their family's hospital.

Wednesday morning we went to the Martinez Hospital and checked in to the OPD and waited for Martin. Finally he arrived and we went up to the OR. He made around eight incisions, and filled one of those kidney shaped vomit basins with pus. He cleaned the insides with hemostats and gauze sponges. That part hurt. He dressed the wounds and told me to come back and see him in a week. We went home and I was still gasping for breath.

Saturday rolled around and I couldn't breathe at all. Annie came up with the plan of going to the Hell Hospital (Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Hospital) under the guise of getting and oxygen fix. The place wasn't much different than last year. The bedsheets in the ER were still filthy as was the floor. Surprisingly, it was a Saturday night and the ER was empty. They gave me 3 ecg's and determined that I was having a massive heart attack. Next off to XRay where they found that my lungs were full of fluid.I had double pneumonia. This place was like the Hotel California, once you were inside you could never leave. I was admitted and sent to a "Suite" on the 3rd floor.

Suite it wasn't. It was about the size of a jail cell. It did have an aircon, but hadn't been cleaned in months. A few weak attempts of cleaning had been made made and the dirt had just been swept into the corners. There was no TV as had been promised ( somebody had stolen it), and you could see an outline on the wall, where at one time there had been a crucifix which also had been stolen. The place was really creepy. No flush on the toilet. de Buhus.

TBC ... I'm tired

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