Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No, we aren't all rich even if Hollywood makes it look that way...

Going to my new doctor, was like going out with an ignorant visayan whore. I hadn't been in her office for more than two minutes and she was trying to get me to buy a digital blood sugar counter/reader. We told her we didn't have any cash with us.She was incredulous. "Oh c'mon, you are rich!"

This went on for some time till finally I got pissed off and explained that yes I did work in the motion picture business for most of my life, but we all got paid slave wages so the producers could have their mistresses and eat their pussy too.

Yes, I did spend 6 lousy years in the Navy, but you needed 20-25 years to get a pension. This left her speechless. She then gave us a bunch of free stuff...

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