Friday, July 30, 2010

Men who allow themselves to be castrated by their Pinay wives...

Unfortunately, many foreigners who get married to Filipinas lack guidance before making the the vows. There are certain ground rules
that must be laid out and the bride to be needs to understand.

1. I am marrying you! Not your whole fucking family!
2. It is not my responsibility to support your parents, your brothers, sisters, and cousins, aunts, uncles not to mention the fucking next door neighbors.
3. My money is just that - MINE! Not yours! How I spend it and what I do with it is none of your fucking business.
4. My email account is once again mine not yours. If you use it to send poison emails to my friends, you are on your own.
5. The same goes for my Facebook account. If you send nasty messages you are just digging your own grave since everybody can see that you are an illiterate visayan whore who was brought up without good breeding and manners.

Please be guided accordingly!

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