Thursday, June 3, 2010

About the new PNP Firearms Control Law

FUCKING MORONS! Once again our intelligence is assaulted by the PNP no less! They are proposing a Firearm Control Law! Great! Citizens who have registered firearms will no longer be able to carry their weapons outside of their homes!

Will this law have any effect whatsoever with criminal elements? NO!!! They could give a rat's ass about this or any other law due to the fact that they are CRIMINALS! So they will be the ones carrying firearms, and those of us who have registered weapons will only have that protection at home. Does that make any sense? Hell no! But then again, what has the PNP done that makes any sense? For the most part, they are criminals in uniform!

The only way to bring down the crime rate is for Chiefs of Police to use their "Intelligence Funds" for just that- INTELLIGENCE GATHERING! Not by building rest homes, not by buying expensive cars, not by buying expensive motorcycles and certainly not by maintaining expensive kabits!

At present we are no better than a Nazi state with check points out the ying yang and that has produced almost 0 results!

PNP get your respective heads out of your respective assholes, and do what you are supposed to do instead of proposing stupid, inane, laws!

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