Saturday, May 1, 2010

A really obnoxious campaign ad.

The other night I was happily working away, when all of the sudden a woman with a voice that came from hell, shrieked at the top of her diseased lungs, "BAYANIIIIIII!!!!!!!!" several times! In English, the theme was more or less like Ghost Busters, "Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters!".

That did it for me. I can never ever, ever, take Bayani Fernando seriously! A guy who chooses the fucking color "Sick Fuchsia" for everything related to the MMDA, and perhaps even his skidmarked underwear has got to have some sort of mental challenge.

The TV Ad! Now who the fuck did that? Well maybe the concept wasn't all that bad, but the shrieking she devil put paid to that project. The Producer, Casting Director, Dubbing Supervisor and Talent need to be put out of their misery and fast.

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