Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RA 9994: Will it ever happen?

I guess  the alphabet soup of agencies involved in the IRR of RA 9994 will use the elections as a reason for not coming out with the new IRR. Sure, I imagine that most of them have been involved in a lot of creative accounting. Liquidating their numerous cash advances and making sure that money spent on projects looks good and is armor plated when auditors come in.

Certainly, with the new administration coming in there is a need to make sure everything is spic and span and above scrutiny. To hell with the Senior Citizens. Covering one's ass is certainly far more important than implementing a law for a bunch of old farts.

I hate to assume, but I guess at this point that Noynoy has won the election. I certainly hope that Jojo Binay is the Vice President. He was the only person to address RA 9994 and why was it taking so long to implement the IRR.

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