Monday, May 3, 2010

PCOS Machines PALPAK! Epic Fail Alert!

It seems that COMELEC tested 10,000 PCOS Machines yesterday and it was an EPIC FAIL!!! It seems that they did not format the FC cards the right way! So now they need to reconfigure/format 76,000 FC Cards and they only have 6 more days within which to do this. I doubt if they can fix this SNAFU in time. Elections haven't even started and already it is a failure! Duh!!!

Further, it was revealed on the news that certain groups are out to sabotage the elections. How? With freaking Peanut Butter! LMAO! It seems that substances like this will gum up the stupid PCOS Machines!

This election gets worse each and every day! And all of you idiots out there who say there is no need for a parallel count are proved to be the morons that you really are! The above just validated exactly why a parallel count is required.

Oh, and by the way, J.C. DELOS REYES... you remind me of  Peewee Herman!


  1. This will not be over quickly. We will not enjoy this.

    Well, I might, but that's because I'm kind of dick at heart.

  2. Well that's two of us pal! LMAO!


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