Friday, May 7, 2010

Some really ANAL people!

I cannot believe how anal these people are! They constantly talk about morality, yet I cannot remember the Catholic Church earning any Brownie Points as far as morality goes! I mean with all of the Pedophile Priests, and Priests who forgot their celibacy vows, and hey what about all the art treasure and gold that came out of dead Jews mouths and was used by the Nazis at the end of WWII as payoffs to the church to get them out of Germany and into the safe harbors of South America... 

Robin Padilla faces suit for condom ad

ACTOR ROBIN PADILLA, THE “Bad Boy of Philippine Movies” is being sued for actively endorsing condoms which a political party claimed is an affront to public sensibilities.
Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) senatorial candidate and lawyer Jo Aurea Imbong Friday asked the Quezon City Regional Trial Court to stop a firm promoting the use of condoms, and its most prominent endorser, from advertising the contraceptive in ads, saying that such materials are against public decency and morality.
Named as defendants in the complaint were actor Robin Padilla and DKT Phils Inc.
The actor is the endorser for Trust Condoms, a brand under the Trust Family Planning line of contraceptive products.

Imbong went to court accompanied by AKP standard bearer JC de los Reyes, who has taken a stand against the proposed reproductive health bill.
“It is respectfully prayed that a writ of preliminary injunction be issued ordering defendant Padilla to cease and desist from publicly espousing and promoting condoms and condom use,” the complaint read.
In an interview, Imbong said it was only right that the government should use its powers to safeguard the moral environment of its citizens.
“The history of great civilizations shows that when its citizens bastardized sex and separated sexuality from marriage, these great civilizations disintegrated,” she added. “We call on Padilla to reexamine his attitude. He should be a good role model for the young.”

De los Reyes said he supported Imbong’s move, adding, “I am aghast that my children are asking why condoms are being sold in convenience stores beside candies,” he said. ( I am aghast that you have children!)
Imbong also asked the court to order DKT Phils. Inc. to stop airing, publishing, and exhibiting ads on condoms and condom use through television, radio, the Internet and magazines.
The plaintiff showed reporters a condom product, the Premiere Earthquake O-ring, which came with a gadget and a free condom, which Imbong said was bought at a convenience store.
“What are these products doing in convenience stores for our youth to see?” asked De los Reyes.

Explicit messages
In justifying the civil complaint, Imbong said the explicit and subliminal messages in the ads convey “an unwholesome and indecent influence upon the audience, especially the young.”
Imbong said that under the Child and Youth Welfare Code, DKT Phils. violated the rights of children as the ads targeting the youth market “partake of the nature of child abuse of the highest order for these deform conscience and corrupt moral character.”
The senatorial bet stressed that the public also has a right to a moral and decent environment, and that both Padilla and DKT Phils. Inc. violated provisions of the Revised Penal Code.

The advertiser violated Article 201 of the RPC that punishes immoral doctrines, obscene publications and exhibitions, she said.
Imbong added that Padilla, on the other hand, violated Article 200 which punishes grave scandal when he publicly promoted and endorsed the use of condoms.

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