Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Home Sonic Scam

 Yesterday we got a call from a certain Ruth Gomez allegedly calling from the Philippine Electronic Company with phone number 552-9129, telling us that we won a "Thanksgiving Gift". She told us that our number was selected by means of "Random Selection" of working phone numbers.

We were told that we should go to the Tutuban Center Mall II, 2nd floor, Claiming and Redemption area of Home Sonic. Then we should present a reference number, and present two valid ID's.

After my wife finished talking with this Ruth Gomez, , I decided to call her as I am a member of the media, further a google search revealed tons of negative posts about this Home Sonic. I asked Ruth some leading questions. She tried to give me some cock and bull story which made me laugh. I asked her if Globe was aware of what they were doing and her reply was no. I then asked how this random selection process was, she replied that we had made an incoming call to her company which is pure BS. She didn't know the name of the owner of our Globe line.

Anybody who receives a call like this, BEWARE this is a scam! We are going to investigate this further.

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  1. Thanks for posting this message of yours. I got to this blog of yours because I just came out of a phone call from this company. The girl was trying to find out if I were the owner of the phone number. I refused to confirm such because I wanted to know first what her message was. Precisely, she mentioned what you have mentioned above that: 1) the number was randomly generated from a list of PLDT, Smart, Globe numbers; 2) that the owner supposedly is entitled to a gift from Philippine Electronic Company. I asked first, 'could you tell us why the owner is receiving a gift from your company' AND, importantly, 'who is PEC?'. For the latter question, she couldn't answer me directly. When I insisted on the latter question, she hang up on me telling me that 'I don't understand her'.
    The number that appeared on my phone was 832-0013. I wanted to know what kind of scam they were up to but didn't get the chance. I tried to google their company - no company website. I just came across this blog which, at least, explains what they can potentially be up to.
    SO, hope the public is forewarned.


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