Saturday, May 1, 2010

Controversy, Sensationalism and Sex Sells! A GMA 7 Formula

Yes dear friends, a winning formula every time. Controversy, Sensationalism and Sex are a winning combination. Both the network GMA 7 and Mike Enriquez know this. That is why Imbestigador did an expose' on Private Pool Parties in Angeles City last night.

Now what did they achieve? Not a damn thing. Zip! Nada! In my view they ended up looking like idiots. My advice is stick with the drug busts, scams, bad food companies. But when you try and expose a potential prostitution story in Angeles City of all places, all you will end up with is doodoo on your shoes and face.

The local cops did not pay any attention whatsoever to the Imbestigador Gang. They wouldn't even look at the video they had shot undercover. They simply looked away from the monitor and went about their business. I laughed my ass off! Kapampangans do not like outsiders messing about their turf. Especially when payoffs have been made.

Is Prostitution bad? yes and no. Child Prostitution is definitely bad, and so is forced prostitution. True, diseases such as STD's and HIV spread, but not like other countries. Most "Bar Girls" here insist that a customer wear a condom.

I had once defended prostitutes with a Australian Federal Police Officer. I was shooting a movie with a bunch of Aussies when this woman who was the officer and close in security of the producer made some less than savory comments about our local prostitutes. I proceeded to tell this high and mighty woman that most of the ladies involved in this line of work, deep down inside, don't enjoy it or want to be prostitutes, but what choice do they really have? Most are single parents, some with multiple children. They support the rest of their family or it could be said they are the sole bread winners, or helping to put siblings through school so that they may be able to get good jobs and not have to work as a prostitute like older sister does. The majority of these ladies lack any formal education, many have not even reached high school. I went on to add that in spite of these educational challenges, they supported their respective family's the only way they knew how, that would bring in enough money to meet their personal crisis. Further, I told her that the Philippine Government didn't offer much in the way of alternate livelihood programs. Nor did any other do gooder organizations out there! At the end of the day these "ladies" hold my utmost respect! I have much more respect for them, than I do these rich, sosyal bitches from Makati who were born with silver spoons in their mouths at birth and have never done an honest day's work their whole spoiled lives.

While shooting the film "Fortunes of War" at SBMA, Olangapo, and Subic City, I had a lot of time to spend with the "Bar Girls" in these areas. Notable were the girls from Uncle Sam's club in Barrio Barreto. I would go in for a beer in the early afternoon, and only the bartender was there. I asked where the girls were and he told me they were over at Fr. Shay Cullen's, learning alternative skills. After a while the girls returned and i asked what the priest was teaching them. They all laughed and said Banana Q's! They all thought that he was quite the retard for thinking by selling a few fried bananas, they could even come close to earning what they did by turning tricks.

I guess the other reason the Angeles police did nothing, was that nobody from Angeles had filed a complaint.But some woman from some female do gooder organization asked Imbestigador to do something. I cannot remember this woman's name, all I heard was that this is immoral bla bla bla bla. A lot of hot air! I ask this woman, can you feed the ladies family's? Can you put their children or siblings through school? Can you pay their rent? No? Then shut the fuck up! At the end of the day, money talks and bullshit walks! The same goes for that fucking Kapuso bullshit! What are you putting on the table that will help the prostitutes? Ha? Just what I thought...not a fucking thing!

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