Thursday, May 6, 2010

COMELEC... They can't be serious...

After watching Arnold Clavio and Winnie Monsod with their guests from COMELEC on Unang Hirit this morning, I am sitting here drinking my coffee and I wonder, does COMELEC think everybody else is as stupid as they are? I mean, seriously! After the "Epic Fail" on Monday, COMELEC told everybody that they would collect "all" of the CFC Cards and destroy them, and replace said "destroyed CFC Cards" with new CFC Cards. They promptly ordered 76,000 "new" CFC Cards from several nearby countries. Now we find out that they are in actual fact reformatting the "old" CFC Cards, and still have the "new" cards coming in! What a bunch of morons! Why order new cards if you are going to just reformat the old ones? Could it be that there is something more sinister than just being stupid? I doubt if we will ever get a straight answer to these questions.

Now comes the issue, that the BEI volunteers cannot vote at the precincts that they are assigned to. COMELEC previously had made an allowance for that. Now that option has been removed, and the BEI personnel are only allowed 30 lousy minutes to go vote where they are registered! This is really a mess! Many are registered at locations that are more than 30 minutes away from the precincts they are watching. Ergo, they will not have a chance to vote! COMELECT just say's "thank you for your sacrifice". If it was me, I would tell them... "Kiss my ass motherfucker!"

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