Friday, May 21, 2010

As the shit hits the fan

Many of my fellow bloggers are coming out with long winded posts about why Mar Roxas got dropped and Binay became da man.

Many are even calling Binay a dumbass when it comes to economics. Well, at the end of the day, Binay inherited a municipality that was heavily in debt and he turned it into a wealthy city, with tons of money in the bank. I never did like Mar and liked him even less when he married Donya Maldita Krorina. All of his campaign Ads were total bullshit and were so bakya! Binay is definitely the dark horse (no pun intended) and I hope he wins. Remember dear friends, the ballot counting is far from over and the title of the "Cleanest Elections Ever" is slowly starting to smell like shit!

I watched Teddy Boy Locsin hurl insults and invectives at the Smartmatic dudes on TV today. Inconsistencies of all kinds are now coming to light. One thing these foreigners didn't know, if you insult a Filipino in front of their friends, you are likely to get stabbed or shot. What more of making them look like idiots in front of the whole country?

Then they show a tabulation thing from one of the PCOS machines that has Citi Bank printed on the side. What's that all about.

Of course we still have the top three sour grapers calling foul, Perlas, Madrigal and Delos Reyes! They then saw fit to troop over to where some PCOS machines were stored, opened them up without clearance from COMELEC and had their own forensic IT people check them out. These three morons should have been thrown in jail right away and disqualified from running from any public office or government job, even as oyster pulis. It never crossed their small simple minds that people just didn't like them? I did have some respect for Nic Perlas, but that evaporated when he thew his lot in with the other two idiots. I now call them "The Three Stooges".

But the best one of all is the "Whistle Blower" they call Koala Boy. I seriously think he is wearing somebody's underwear as a mask, further he can't even spell! He spells PCOS as PICOS! Where in the hell did they find this fruitcake?

The next couple of weeks should prove to be very interesting as far as the News goes.

Oops! I almost forgot that ABS CBN blew GMA7's Hologram out of the water, which they now call the "Hologram Effect" those good ole green screens which we in the Motion Picture and Advertising industry have used for years. Wooot! It gets better everyday!


  1. To be fair, it's not really Binay that's the problem, it's the band of bigshots behind him and the dawning realization of some of these Yellow Fever types that by electing Aquino they actually elected Peping Cojuangco president.

    I think the problem most people are having is that Mar Roxas is supposedly for economic liberalization and loosening restrictions on foreign investment and ownership. Which he clearly WAS at one point, but none of that is part of the Liberal Party platform now. Presumably, he was stronger in that point of view than Binay, but again, even if that was the case, it's not the current party line so it's not a foregone conclusion that he would be better than Binay or anyone else for that matter in that respect.

    Personally, I've always thought of Binay as kind of a thug, but he gets things done one way or another and results count for a lot. I used to like Mar Roxas, but when he deferred to Ignoy I wrote him off as a spineless tool and he hasn't done anything to make me take it back. As far as the real point behind the uproar over the Noy-Bi thing -- the return of Kamag-Anak, Inc. -- that's a problem. But either Roxas or Binay are just pawns in that game, and the VP doesn't have that much pull anyway, so I don't see that part of it being a big issue. All in all, things are going pretty much the way I expected they would (weirdly, and kind of stupid), so there's not much point in my dwelling on it, you know?

  2. @Ben,

    Thanks for your input! I always love your posts and comments. I must agree that Binay is a thug, but as you and I both know he does get things done. Erap is of the same caliber, but I watched him pave all of the roads and light up all of the streets in San Jaun that didn't cost the tax payer one single centavo. He too left a ton of money in the city treasury.

    There is not one politician in this world that I trust. They are all a bunch of liars and thieves. I have watched them promise the stars and the moon to people and at the end of the day they end up sodomizing everyone!

    No, no need to dwell on it. But it is very amusing and better than any soap on TV. LoL!

  3. Well, maybe the Congress will start to be more interesting...after all, they've got Teddy Boy straight-up calling a guy a son of a bitch, with the new bunch coming in maybe we'll get some of that brawling action like they do in Taiwan or Korea. That would certainly liven things up.

  4. hahahahahahaha Right you are amigo!


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