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Reynaldo Hipolito aka Palito rushed to hospital; family seeks financial assistance

Reynaldo Hipolito aka Palito rushed to hospital; family seeks financial assistance

Palito as James Bone
Palito as James Bone
Starboard Films
According to a report in ABS-CBN, Palito was rushed to the hospital by his family after complaining of severe stomach pain.
Palito may not be as popular as other Filipino comedians such as Dolphy, Babalu and Chiquito, but he was definitely one of the best during his heyday in the 70’s and 80’s. Known for his slim frame and corpse-like features, he is probably best remembered through his movies such as Rambo Tan-G, Kumander Kalansay and Walang Matigas Na Buto Sa Gutom Na Aso. He was definitely one of the most sought after comedians then and made a good amount of money, but unfortunately most of what he made were quickly lost due to bad investments.
It didn’t help either that offers came more infrequently during the 90’s as new or younger comedians appeared. But instead of relying on handouts, he displayed the typical Filipino characteristic of being a ‘hard worker’ by continuing to grind it out by working various jobs. According to his son, Palito despite being 76 years old is still playing in a combo for a casino. In fact, in an article by Dennis Villegas in his blog early last year, Palito mentioned that he still loved performing and was available for fiestas, birthday parties and stage shows.
In the same article, when asked if he thought that his career in showbiz is basically over, he responded by saying, “Yayaman pa rin ako. Malay mo ay makapansin pa rin sa akin na prodyuser. Ang buhay ng tao parang dalawang mukha ng pelikula yan e, may malungkot, may nakatawa. Mahirap at laos ako ngayon pero malay mo sumikat at yumaman ulit ako."
His response reminded me of another characteristic of many Filipinos specially those living in the Philippines. Despite the problems or struggles that they might go through, most of them still find ways to keep smiling. A characteristic of Filipinos that foreigners noticed and admired during the Typhoon Ondoy
Now Palito, a legend of Philippine Cinema is now confined in a hospital and his family is in need of financial help.  Fortunately, Senator Bong Revilla had stepped up and will shoulder the medical expenses according to an article by Bong Godinez in   But Palito's road to full recovery may entail more medical cost and him not being able to currently provide for his family will certainly impact his family negatively.  As a result, his family still seeks financial assistance.

For donations please call his son Jhune at 09128144212

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