Monday, April 19, 2010

Philippine Postal Corporation - Den of thieves

This organization has to be the biggest den of thieves in the country.If you are expecting a simple letter from abroad, that is a 50/50 proposition.

Mail sorters will hold the envelope up to a light to see if there is any cash inside. If they simply suspect that there is cash inside, you will never see that letter ever!

The same goes for good friend Freddie (Ninja Dixon) sent me a DVD of a film he made. I never got it. Today I was on my way to Western Union and I saw the Letter Carrier and I was on the verge of kicking his ass for General Principles but my old lady talked me out of it.

They have a great website, and they claim it is safe. Makes me think of, "The Marathon Man", "Is it safe?" No it isn't fucking safe. Those fuckers will steal anything that they can get their little, sticky, grubby, motherfucking fingers on! Safe? Indeed! It is safer to step in a pit of quicksand!

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