Saturday, April 24, 2010

More campaign bullshit

All of these morons running for president or senate claim this or that as part of their accomplishments while in office.

Let us take Pia Cayetano for instance. She claims that she passed a "No Evat/Cheaper Medications for Senior Citizens Bill. Now, that may be so, however the last time I checked, all drug stores are still charging EVAT even if you slap them in the face with your Senior Citizens ID.

Passing a bill and enforcing the bill is two different things. Most will pass  bills and that is it. When election time comes around, they pester you till madness with TV Ads and they go up and down your street with their retarded jingles blaring over loudspeakers which makes you want to throw rocks or dog shit at them.

Not one of these idiots is worth voting into office!


  1. Pia Cayetano helped WRITE the bill, it takes a lot more people in two house of the legislature to actually pass it. If she really wanted to do something worth crowing about, she should work on getting the alphabet soup of agencies to actually implement the bill.

    Oh, wait. That's too much like work. Kind of pointless when the whole election is a "who has the best jingle" contest (yeah, we get that shit here too).

  2. You are absolutely right Ben. It's too much work, which I might add, is something that none of those cocksuckers wants to get involved with. They go to the Senate, chew the shit with their buddies for a while, scream insults at another senator, then it's off to lunch at a hotel in Quezon City, where they sit on their fat asses as they hold court! A couple of grenades tossed in there at lunch would solve a lot of the country's problems real fast.


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