Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mercury Drug and Watsons - RA 9994 EPIC Fail

Both Mercury Drug and Watsons have still failed to implement RA 9994. While all other business establishments have implemented RA 9994 20% discount and NO EVat of 12%.

I have trouble understanding why Mercury and Watsons are failing to comply with the LAW! None of their people can explain, and it seems that the government is super inutil when it comes to enforcing the law. Does DOH, DSWD, and BIR think we Senior Citizens will just die and blow away as dust in the wind? Are they saying that RA 9994 is just a piece of paper? A law without teeth?

Why pass a law if you are not going to enforce it? Why waste taxpayers money? Why should we vote for anybody when all they do is waste money and time?

It seems to me that year after year, the faces in the government may change, but the attitude remains the same, "What re we in power for?" These politicians always promise the moon the stars and a heap of other promises that they have no intention of keeping. At the end of the day, we just end up with their collective dicks up our collective asses, and we are expected to say, "Thank you very much".

Everytime I see one of these asswipes campaigning in my area, I scream at them, "LIAR! LIAR!" At the end of the day they are just a bunch of big fat LIARS! Parasites sipping at our blood like vampires! *Reminds self to manufacture Wooden Stakes, and make some Silver Bullets...

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