Friday, April 30, 2010

Meralco is a bunch of asshats

That's right. Ever since these idiots made employees contractual, morons abound. We paid our bill on time and these fucktards sent a disconnection notice. We showed this asshole our receipt. He said "great, no problem!"

We thought that was the end of it. But NO! Today they sent three dumbasses to disconnect us! I asked why, they replied by presenting me with an Advice of Service Disconnection. I told them that we have paid our bill long ago. Then I had to go looking for the fucking receipt again. The three stooges looked at it and said "oh". They then departed. I was so pissed off I was torn of what I should do next; let the dog loose on them or get my 9mm and do a mercy killing.

Fucking retards! All of them!

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  1. Nick, something similar happened to me last november in Negros Oriental....maybe even worse...They charged me twice the electric installation, when I went to complaint, they never gave me back my money but they said they would make discounts on the monthly bills...after few months NORECO 2 sent me a disconnection note cos they said I never paid for sseveral months...BUT I went to the MAIN OFFICE & my shouting was listened even in Spain!!!!!
    The fat ass who attended me said it wasn't his fault & asked me to calm down....of course I camed myself down but I replied him Who was the responsablity holder??? maybe it was my fault??? or maybe they don't know how to work properly????
    Since then, no more problems.


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