Friday, April 2, 2010

G.O.A.'L Elections: EPIC FAIL

Well then. Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (They put the apostrophe in the wrong place) just held their elections which turned out to be an epic fail. Imagine this is a Korean NGO and the members from Europe usurped the elections.

They decided that they would follow European protocol for elections instead of Korean protocol. First of all this is an insult to Korean Law! How dare they! What made them think they could just come along and change rules as they please? What a bunch of arrogant pricks!

I do have European friends, however, none are like this bunch at GOA'L! From what I can see the ones that have upset the apple cart are Dutch. Now why am I not surprised. The only country in the world to have a political party made up of pedophiles! Sheesh. Then you have the Swiss! Don't even get me started on this bunch of idiots. They are guilty indirectly of crimes against humanity. All the way from WW II Nazis up to Ferdinand Marcos and every corrupt dictator in between.

In the process, you have probably lost one of the most passionate advocates of your organization, namely Don Gordon Bell. From my conversations with him and what I see on his blog, you have caused him to go ballistic. Yes I can see his posts are somewhat over the top, however you only have yourselves to blame. You have woken a beast that has slept for many years. Way to go you bunch of EOE MORONS!

Well, my advice to Don is let go of that group of losers! They have no grasp of what they are talking about to begin with. The group is riddled with pompous clergy and other idiot savants. The group will end up fading out with a bad smell in the air!

Start your own group Don. Nobody knows the issues better than you. Whatever help I can extend is yours for the asking. It is so sad that the "Group of 33" had to do what they did. It is far better that you move on Don!

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