Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another visit to the Hospital

I just got back from the hospital... again... and they wanted to keep me in there to do tests and other related bullshit! I wasn't having any of it! I told the doctor that God and I had a deal. That is, when he wants me, he can have me. This little foray cost me 2.5k which I can ill afford.

My Senior Citizens Card was useless. I told the doctor, "What is the point of this test or that test? Why should I see a pulmanologist (whatever that is)? You guys try to keep prolonging my life and for what? It's like a bad cliff hanger serial!"

The doctor told me I had to quit smoking! I told her that she might as well tell me to quit breathing! Fuck that noise! I have been smoking cigarettes (and a lot of other shit) since I was 12, and I ain't gonna fuck up my body's rhythm now!

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