Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adam Carolla vs. Manny Pacquiao vs. Entire Filipino People

Wow! Adam Carolla! Who??? That's right - who??? According to the "internet" you are a popular American comedian. I think not! I have never heard of you!

I listened to your "Podcast" on youtube and I won't post it here. You tell us to get a Life. Well, we have a life and obviously you don't. You say that the Philippines is all about SEX TOURS! You ignorant moron!!! You have never been here! You confuse us with Thailand. I am willing to bet that I can find more raunchy sex in certain areas of Los Angeles than in the entire Philippines! Again, you confuse us with Thailand you dumbass greaseball Dago!

Obviously, you know less than nothing about Manny. You say he prays to chicken bones? You ignorant fuck! He is a Roman Catholic and he prays to God! But, then again you fucking Italians know all about the Catholic Church. Yep, you are the same people who crucified Christ!

You call Manny illiterate? Wrong again. Just because his English isn't up to par with yours doesn't mean shit! He is a Filipino! How about your Tagalog? Can you speak it? I thought so! Putaninang animal ka!

You say that we are all about Manny Pacquiao. I beg to disagree you freaking douchebag! Indeed Manny is a national hero (which he deserves) but to say that we need to get a life? Again I say that it is you who needs to get a life. I would really laugh my ass off if Manny met with you and kicked your smelly Italian ass.

At the end of the day, Manny has more money than you, Tiger Woods and a few other lame ass American celebrities combined. He could buy you with chump change from his pocket.

The problem with  dumbass Dagos like you Adam, is you think the world revolves around YOU. At the end of the day, you are such a fucking loser, who only is a Howard Stern wannabe doing Internet Podcasts. GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU DAGO SCUMBAG!

You certainly have no idea what you have done! You are in L.A. and you insult Filipinos? Do you realize how many Pinoys are in L.A.? If I were you I would be extra careful when you go out! One of those Pinoys is likely to bust a cap in your funky Dago,greaseball ass!

QUIT breathing my motherfucking air you fucking tard!

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