Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pacquiao -vs- Clottey... Oh puleeeezeee!

Okay, first of all I should have gone to Victory Mall at Monumento to watch on the big screen for free. But no, I stayed home and my God, i think I got assaulted more than Pacquiao did. We were tuned into GMA 7 and here is a list of all the stupid commercials that went on between the 3 national anthems, and the 12 bouts. Now mind you, the commercials between the National Anthems were on an average 6 minutes long, then between the bouts the commercials were 8-9 minutes long. Here is the list;
1.San Miguel
3.Smart Bro
5. Head and Shoulders
6. Rejoice
7. Tide
8. Bulldog Super Glue
9. Nation Paint
10. Tender Juicy Hotdogs
11. Samurai Energy Drink
12. Vote Earth
13.Ralph Recto
15. B Meg Feeds
16. Ariel
17. Cord Epoxy
19.Power Aide
20. Mister Donut
21. Plumber's Putty
22. Motolite
24. LBC
25. Magnolia
26. Trust Condoms
28. Con Zace
30.Alaxan FR
31. Matador Brandy
32. Tokyo-Tokyo
35. Pampers
36. Noynoy Aquino
37. Manny Villar

Gee, hey, guys at channel 7, don't you think you could have crammed more products and political Bozos in??? I will never go through this again ever. I am going to get Satellite TV.

I also wonder if the Dancing Inmates from Cebu got compensated for the commercial they were in?

Then to make matters worse, ABS CBN Channel 2 announces on "Breaking News" that Pacquiao had won in the 12 round even before 7 started to broadcast the fight. Great way to kill the excitement!

Then we get to the fight itself. Two words come to mind: Lutong Macao! Clottey moved around the ring like a retarded moron and fought like one too. It's like he was being paid to stand in the ring and let Pacquiao beat the crap out of him. A great disappointment! Something not too kosher here.

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