Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mercury Drug - You still Suck! RA 9994 Epic Fail (again)

Again, Mercury Drug is still failing to comply with the Expanded Senior Citizens Act RA 9994! This is getting to the point of moronic! They are now blaming BIR! The explanation given today is that, "BIR needs to recalibrate their freaking cash registers"!!! Mga punyeta kayo! Last time you said March, now it is April! Ano ba talaga Kuya???

I wonder if Watsons is complying with RA 9994? If they are, how would Mercury feel if all senior citizens went there or elsewhere???


  1. If you've got a South Star Drug near you, give them a try. The two near me are no problem with the discount (mother-in-law gets to use it for her b.p. medicine).

  2. Hey Ben, Thanks for the tip! We will check out our area. I also use BP meds as well as Heart Meds, also Meds for Arthritis and God knows what else. The saying "Health is wealth" is so on the money!


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