Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let the mud slinging begin!

*Yes dear readers, it has started. Lim and Atienza, Binay and BF. Soon everybody will be doing it. I hope everybody realizes that these Bozos end up looking like a bunch of 3rd graders at recess. Oops! Actually that is an insult to 3rd graders.

* I have been wondering about Villar's TV Ads. He has a ton of kids which brings this question/s to the table: Where did he get these kids? Somebody told me they came from an orphanage. True or not, I wonder how much they were paid? Did they actually get paid? Are they individually covered by release forms signed by their Parents or Guardian. Has the DSWD looked into this? I wonder...

* I haven't seen much of  JC delos Reyes since Winnie Monsod nade him look like a dumbass on Unang Hirit. On the other hand, Erap was ready for Winnie's questions, and he came out smelling like a rose!


  1. I like this time of the election season, when the local candidates get really cranked up. Especially the ones who get somebody to do a bad knock-off of some song and then roll up and down the street all day with a loudspeaker truck. Classy.

  2. LOL! Fortunately for me, these Bozos aren't allowed to campaign within our village. I only see them when I go to my barber or the bank.


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