Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HUMMINGBIRD II An Evolved online Marketing machine!

We’ve Made Things Extra Easy

Thank you for choosing to stop by and learn about the most powerful social-media-marketing tool availabe. We have perfected Hummingbird over the last year, paying attention to every detail to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our software, as well as our customer service.

Marketing with Results

Upload photos and post links to easily track your click-throughs. Our software analyzes all the details and displays results, helping you improve your marketing campaigns. No more chaos!
Data smart follow / unfollow ENGINE

Users are given a “quality score” as Hummingbird scans for only highly targeted, active followers. Built in, highly optimized engine that automatically removes those users whom dont follow you back.
Keyword Targeting to Satisfy Your Needs

Find and connect with users only relevent to what you have to offer. Keyword targeting, complete with spam filters and an advanced grading algorithm.
3rd Party Plugins

We've designed the platform to easily accept add-ons and plugins written by other developers. Most of which will be 100% free to download.

Detailed reports

Easily view how many users the automated engine has followed, unfollowed, your follow back ratio, and much more.
Easily Manage

For the first time you can easily manage a vast amount of account details while using nearly no PC memory.
Unlimited Accounts

Finally manage all your business profiles with one simple tool, while automatically growing each network.

The Twitter Marketing Tool for Business

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