Sunday, March 14, 2010

DOH, DSWD and Mercury Drug, you are all morons! RA 9994 Epic Fail!

What seems to be the major malfunction with DOH, DSWD, and all the other related government agencies responsible for implementing RA 9994? Or, is it the fault of Mercury Drug Corporate? My wife went to buy my Meds today, and Mercury Drug is still, after all of this time, charging 12% VAT.


It is not like this was just sprung on you people without any warning. You people knew that this law was going to be passed, yet all you have managed to do is sit on your fat, over paid asses, and do nothing! If you can't do your jobs, and do them well, it is time for the people who are responsible to resign and look for work elsewhere as obviously you do not have the mental capacity to do your respective jobs. May I suggest a career with MMDA as Oyster Pulis (street cleaners). You are not required to think, just sweep!!! 

I will probably be dead and cremated by the time you idiots get around to implementing RA 9994. This is a very sad state of affairs, and makes one lose any semblance of hope and / or respect for the government. 

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