Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dick Gordon talks a good game!

I watched Unang Hirit this morning and was quite impressed with Dick Gordon and somewhat with Bayani Fernando.

Dick has clear concise plans on what he will do if he is elected president. I hate to say this, but I hope he wins the election. When asked by Winnie Monsod what his plans were for the PCCG and the (supposed P300 billion) they haven't done anything about for the last 20 years, Dick responded that the people who were running PCCG better toe the line and get busy or they would be looking for another job and the same went for any other office involved in the process including the DOJ! Good for you Dick!

BF on the other hand was rather vague when asked about what post he would want, but Dick came to his rescue and said that BF being an Engineer would be his trouble shooter to help eliminate graft and corruption.

I would love to listen more to Dick. So far he is the only one who isn't doing the trapo bullshit! He actually has plans!

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