Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bank of Philippine Islands YOU SUCK!

Yes BPI, I can think of what BPI really stands for Banco Puro Idiots. As many people know I work from home due to the fact that I have a bad heart and arthritis.That I why I had to retire from the motion picture industry, and due to my age I cannot work in an office anymore.

It seems that once you reach the age of 60, people have the idea that you are senile and useless. This couldn't be farther from the truth. I will be 63 next month, and my mind is even clearer than when I was 40.But I digress. The issue here is BPI and their retarded remittance process called IRIS.

The nearest BPI branch to me is the Samson Road Branch, which is located next to Meralco. It takes at least one (1) hour to get your funds. Though they have a couple of ladies on their staff who are friendly and helpful, their Manager, a fat assed woman whom everyone calls "Ma'am Cathy". She cannot get her fat ass out of her chair to pick up your documents. She ignores the constant calls of "Ma'am Cathy! Pick Up! She sees that the person being served has white skin (not my fault... my father's), and she just ignores you. Finally, the embarrassed lady who is processing your paperwork, sweetly asks you to take your paperwork over to the fat assed manager person.

Once there, she looks over all of your ID's (of which they already have several copies) that you have scanned. These consist of my Senior Citizens ID, BPAT, Media and not too mention NBI Clearance. Not content with that, even the email of my live in wife, that my boss sent the reference number to is scrutinized over and over again, as if searching for some invisible code or what.

Cathy, at the end of the day, what is written on that email is none of your business! The only thing you need to concern yourself with is if the reference number is okay, and I am, who I say I am, and you have the proof of that in your files, as well as yet another scan which you hold in your hand. It is MY MONEY we are talking about here, not yours! Ok? What you don't know is, that I used to have two accounts with BPI. One was in Angeles City, the other Ortigas. The staff at both of these branches had good "human" skills, which you totally lack!!!

My boss is considering opening an account here, but I have told him to use Banco D'Oro instead, where the people are friendly and helpful and don't treat you like a suspect in a crime. I have already told my boss about what happened, and he is going to complain to Wells Fargo in California about the shoddy treatment I continually get from this over paid, fat assed bitch. Meanwhile we will go back to using using XOOM,  which either goes into my account at BDO or just pick it up at Lhuillier both of which are not far from our house and only takes a max of 3 minutes.

Calling on BPI Corporate! You really need to train your staff to be more courteous!!! YOU CANNOT PAY ME TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT, not with staff like you have at Samson Road.


  1. You know something, there is a such a culture of mediocrity in business here it's enough to make someone want to go out in the street and start throwing random haymakers. Look at the inconsistency you've encountered at different branches of BPI. I deal with Unionbank -- their customer service on the phone is usually worthless, but if I go into my branch and deal with the ladies in person, they are competent and get whatever problem I have handled pronto. My wife banks at BDO and PS Bank -- the nearest BDO branch is run by retarded, spiteful Nazis, the next one is pleasant and accomodating. Two out of three PSB branches are first-rate, the other one is staffed by morons. I have Globe internet service (which bites sack, btw) -- if I call to complain about it five times, four times I'll talk to a clueless drone, and once to somebody who, even if it is a problem they can't solve, will at least not make excuses for their f*d-up system (or try to make it seem like it's my problem), tell me as best he can what's going on and when I can expect to see some improvement, and apologize for having inconvenienced me.

    These oligarchical companies that have no real competition just don't give a damn, because they don't have to. Don't like the service? Yeah, good luck finding better, pal. The only reason we OCCASIONALLY encounter committed and helpful employees is because, despite it all, there are actually good people in the world who haven't had their sense of work ethic beaten out of them yet. God bless 'em, but these pathetic businesses are going to really be in big trouble when there are no more good people.

  2. Hi Ben! I totally agree with your comment! I have dealt with all of the banks you mention. I also have Globe, but I usually tell the customer service people that they aren't listening, and to do what I tell them, which generally is to reset the IP from their end. Every now and then you will get a savvy techie who knows what you are complaining about right away. However, the majority of techies at Globe don't know their ass from a hole in the ground, further they lack listening skills. They either need to be fired or retrained. Even further, we had our DND disabled due to the asshole linemen who will use your line from the "box" to call cellphones which are billed to you!

  3. Yeah, I used to do that too when I had the DSL but it doesn't work the same way with the broadband. Or maybe they're just stupider these days. We're known to the call center, too; a technician who came here once let it slip that they call my wife "the tiger".

  4. One thing is probably that they cannot attract true talent to their call center due to low salaries and further the staff lacks direction and the supervision their sucks!

    Yesterday, my wife went to their office at Araneta Mall to pay our bill, which they had failed to send to us. Imagine her surprise when she found yet another charge for a cell phone call, when that is impossible for us to do since we no longer have DND! She gave them the ole "What for"!, and the charge was removed.


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