Friday, March 26, 2010

About Mike Velarde

I posted about this guy a few posts back. It is refreshing to see that somebody shares my views!

Why are they afraid of Mike Velarde?
By Ramon Tulfo
EL SHADDAI LEADER AND President Gloria’s spiritual adviser, Mike Velarde, is running for congressman through his party-list group, Buhay.
Velarde’s son, Mariano Michael, is another Buhay nominee. Another son, Rene, an incumbent Buhay representative, is on his third and last term.
Not contented with endorsing candidates for national positions who practically kiss his behind to get his support, he wants to run for Congress.
* * *
What for, Brother Mike, when you’ve held every president, except, perhaps Fidel Ramos, by their necks because of your vote-rich El Shaddai?
One president, Erap, reportedly even facilitated the payment to you of P1.2 billion by the national government for the road right-of-way to your property, allegedly way beyond the market price of that piece of property at that time!
I thought you were teaching your naïve flock that worldly power is temporary. Why then are you coveting the very same power that you denounce from your pulpit?
Oh, I know. God asked you to run, the Holy Spirit gave you guidance, etc.
But why not just leave the mundane things to your lieutenants while you concentrate on “saving souls and spreading the Word of God?”
Why can’t you and your sons just be contented in attending to the spiritual needs of your flock?
Your flock gives you millions of pesos every week in the form of “love offerings” (to whom—to you or God?) just so they’re assured of a place in heaven.
Why ask for more when you have more than enough?
Aren’t you teaching your flock about the seven cardinal sins, one of which is greed?
* * *
Records at the National Bureau of Investigation show that Mike Velarde has scores of estafa cases filed against him by different persons.
How do we know that he will not commit estafa against the government when he gets elected party-list representative?
I have nothing against Velarde. I haven’t had any personal dealings with him. I am not his former follower, either.
I am just surprised why a guy who talks about God on stage in front of millions of listeners can do so without puking when he has had estafa cases filed against him.
Estafa is swindling. Swindling is convincing people to part with their money by foul means. An estafador is worse than a killer who may have taken another person’s life because he was aggrieved.
But an estafador deliberately commits dishonesty through ruse.

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  1. We thought we left the likes of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell behind when we left the States...they got them here, too. This guy is worse, though -- he's quickly approaching Benny Hinn territory.


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