Sunday, February 14, 2010

IP Blocked at Wikipedia

For some reason, a person named Alison has blocked my IP address which isn't even my IP!!! and I cannot edit my info in Wikipedia,

Cannot create account

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Account creation from this IP address ( has been temporarily restricted. This is probably due to persistent vandalism from the IP address you are editing from, which may be shared by many people if you are connected to the Internet via a proxy server (used by most schools and corporations and some Internet service providers) or dial-up access.
To enquire about the block or request that an account be created for you, please send an e-mail to unblock-en-l‐at‐ with details of your IP address, the administrator who blocked you and the reason they gave (this information is available below). If you are requesting an account, please include in your e-mail the account name you wish. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to any innocent users.
  • Information about the block: account creation from this IP address ( was blocked by Alison, who gave the reason {{blocked proxy}}: Used abusively .
Return to User:Alison.

Here is her info:

I live in Santa Clara, CA somewhere. I work here.


Hi everyone

My name is Alison Cassidy. I'm semi-back here for some unknown reason, after a break of over six months. My primary concerns relate to Biographies of Living Persons and to mitigating the damage that Wikipedia can do. I believe that WP is now entering more of a maintenance phase and that we should concentrate on article quality and not just article count. Those days are well over.
Folks, please;
  • Implement Flagged Revisions for all BLPs. Do it now.
  • Seriously consider removing anon editing and consider some possible system of authentication.
  • Raise the bar on the BLP acceptability threshold - possibly consider Durova's 'dead tree' criteria.
  • AfDs for BLP should default to delete.
  • Remove BLPs by request of the subject. It's the right thing to do.
  • Implement full COPPA compliance for Wikipedia, as well as instituting proper child protection policies. This area of Wikipedia is woefully inadequate.
I'm a regular contributor to Wikipedia Review, just like so many others on here.
  • Disclosure: - I'm also a sysop on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Yes, it's true! I started my career on-line back in the late 80s, where I was a usenet troll, long before Wikipedia. I've been here on Wikipedia since 2003, registering first in early 2004. Please don't ask me to delete pages on ED. I can't do that, and don't have the power to do so. Others have tried and died. I've my own less-than-complimentary but somewhat hilarious biography on there, too, so what can ya do. Basically, I keep both these arenas very separate.
I tried to email her, but to no avail. Hey dumbass, that isn't even my IP!


  1. That's fucked!
    Nick, try and write to the Unblock address at Wiki insted of writing directly to her. It seems she IS a dumb-ass and you might as well go past her.

  2. Hey Jack, I ended up doing just that and I CC'd her as well, and even did a screen shot of my IP address from my dos ipconfig.

    She brags about what a wizard she is and she is Irish! Shit! I'm half Irish and that is probably what has me fucked up half the time.

  3. Can I help? I've added stuff to Wikipedia before. Email me what you need added/amended/deleted and I'll see what I can do.

  4. HI there, Nick,

    I'm the 'dumbass' you're talking about above :) Your IP address was hardblocked as it was used abusively. Not saying it was you - it's likely shared - but this definitely *was* the case. As one of 30 or so 'Checkusers' on Wikipedia, I have to deal with cases like this on a daily basis.

    Unfortunately, I never got your email so couldn't respond. What I have done is changed the block type so that you should now be able to edit again just fine. If you cannot, just reply here and I'll fix it soon as I see it. Failing that, let me know your account name and we can set a flag to enable you to edit through IP blocks. Also, if you can point me to an email address of yours, I'll write back. Just don't want to post mine here right now.

    Sorry for all the hassle,

    -- Allie (User:Alison)

  5. Well, thanks for your reply Allie. I am going with Andrew Leavold's offer (I have already emailed you Andrew) as he is the scholar of our motley crew and has a good idea what i want edited. I couldn't even remember my username, and tried my email, nor could I remember my password. The IP that you have blocked is from the Globe Telecom DSL pool.

    Anyway, I am not going to even attempt to do anything in the future as I will Just email Andrew as he knows what to do!

    Thanks for your reply!


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